Earth Angels

A couple of years ago I read a book that completely changed my life and helped me to understand for the first time clearly, who I am and why I have always behaved the way I do. A book by Doreen Virtue, who writes and creates many books and Oracle Cards all about Angels. The book “Assertiveness For Earth Angels” was such an “aha” moment for me and has been a huge influence life and in my business. It has taught me the essential things to be mindful of and how to use my Earth Angel qualities in an empowering way.

So what is an Earth Angel?

“Earth Angel” is a term used to describe people who:


  1. Feel a deep need to help, fix and rescue people, animals, the environment or the planet Earth (charities and causes)

  2. Want everyone around them to be happy, if they are not happy, you struggle to be happy and do what you need to to. Addicted to the feeling of LOVE, yearning for love, where is the love! Developed the “Disease to Please”

  3. Are often also part of a group of souls called “Lightworkers,” who are passionate about spreading love and positive energy, raising the energy of the planet.

  4. Often feel alone with their lightworker work, or are surrounded by family and friends who are not spiritually conscious or awakened. Like the different one in the family.

  5. Are highly sensitive to people’s emotions, criticism and judgement, harsh environments, chemicals, toxins, negative people and conflict.

  6. Are “conflict phobic” and avoid confrontation. They are the peace keepers of the world and just want everyone to be happy.

  7. Often have a deep fear of of being exposed, not feeling safe, attacked verbally or physically. Often due to past life experiences as a healer, witch or nun, spiritual person.

  8. Are very good at sacrificing their own needs for others, struggle a lot with boundaries and saying “No” to people, without feeling guilty or selfish.

  9. See the best in others, their hidden potential and can be overly trusting.

  10. Attract a lot of co dependent friends, family and relationships. People that often struggle with depression, addictions and life.

  11. Are often taken advantage of by those who use their “niceness” and generosity for their own gain.

  12. Are very empathic and feel other people’s sadness and emotions very strongly. If anyone they love is unhappy they become upset too and feel a huge responsibility to make them happy. Their happiness depends on others being happy, which can be a hard, long road.