Love from Clients

Where do I start.. Alison truely is an Angel here on Earth. To anyone who is feeling even the smallest pull to have a session with Alison please let this be your guiding light to go for it! You do not even know need to know why you are going because your soul does and just know you are being guided there for a reason.

Alison has a way of knowing exactly what you need in any moment and you will leave feeling heard, supported and with the tools to find your way back there on your own when life just happens.

Words cannot describe what Alison has brought to my life and journey over the past year and I am forever grateful for the love and support.


Earlier this week I received an email reading from Alison! It was very spot on with what was going on in my life currently. I asked about pregnancy and she said there's a lot of anxiety around me becoming pregnant and that I'm being way too tough on myself. 

 In order for me to fall pregnant, essentially I had to trust my body, be gentle with myself and put up loving boundaries with others instead of taking on everyone's stress. Three of the six cards Alison drew for me had either a baby or a pregnant woman. I did all of Alison's suggestions that night and gave all of my worries and stresses to the Angels 

I had been testing to see if I was pregnant that week but was getting negatives. I woke up the next morning, took a pregnancy test and it was indeed positive!!! I am pregnant with #2! 

 Previously, I had a session with Alison two weeks before I fell pregnant with our first baby, who we'd been trying to conceive for a very long time! 

I can't thank you enough Alison, for your reading, your positivity, your energy and what you do! I don't think this is coincidental, as it's happened twice now! You're amazing

-Laura Thomson



Thankyou so much for all you have done to help me over the past 4 months, I wish I could put my gratitude into words. Working with you has made an incredible difference in my life and highly recommend anyone seeing Alison if they need help with their health and self love.

-Grace Lenan 



When I first met Alison, about a year ago, I was a tangled mess. I had managed to tie myself up in knots that I kept trailing behind me – hoping they would disappear. My belief system had collapsed and I somehow managed to keep going, to put my happiness to one side while I tried to make sure everyone else was okay. I was tired. I was done. I was lost. 

Through Alison’s unique holistic approach, we began to unravel these knots. I discovered things that I had buried deep down – hoping they would go away – but Alison found them and made me look at them. We talked. Sometimes this was painful. Sometimes I laughed at the things I had done to myself. Sometimes I cried. I allowed myself to forgive others, to send love to those I didn’t believe deserved it. It was hard. But I persisted. I sent love out and received so much more back. Things began to change in extraordinary ways - opportunities that I would never have expected began to be presented to me. I felt supported and loved. For the first time in years I felt like ‘me’ again. 

Today, I still see Alison when I’m feeling ‘unbalanced’ or unsure. And we work through another ‘block’ and I heal a little more.  

Alison is a true Earth Angel and healer. She’s gentle, compassionate, kind, wise and knowledgeable. She helped me find my light. 

-Lisa Brennan



Wow, what an amazing session I had with Alison. I booked a mediumship appointment with Alison, in hope I could connect to my parents in spirit. She was amazing and spot on with her messages. She then did an emotional freedom technique process with me, to help me heal some suppressed grief and sadness. One of the best and most efficient healings I’ve ever had. I am still utilizing the help and resources she gave me. 




I was introduced to Alison years ago during a Sensitivity Workshop and loved hearing all about her story and the work she does, but it wasn’t until more recently that I have been to see her for myself and my children. Her readings and her intuitive guidance are incredible. I remember one in particular last October. I had no specific thing to ask Alison as I sat down for a session with her – I was simply open to what she had to bring me. And boy, did she bring it! The guidance was so profound and so powerful that my eyes welled up at the magnitude of what was being shared. I’ve never forgotten that reading and the insights that Alison shared with me that day and I’m still learning from it 8 months later! Shortly after then, I took both my boys to see Alison for regular kinesiology treatments. Not only do both my boys enjoy her sessions (which makes it so much easier!) but the sessions are always so rich and full of guidance around emotions and what we can do at home to help shift things. 

 These sessions with the boys have not only been powerful for them, but also for me and my husband in terms of how Alison’s work impacts our own perspectives and the way we relate to each other. I believe that I’m only aware of a fraction of her work's impact because it’s all so complex and so subtle on many levels. 

 I love how Alison has helped us with physical issues such as food intolerances, allergies and sensitivities as well as help facilitate the boys to shift and heal past traumas and emotions. As a result of Alison’s guidance, the boys are now very happily dairy-free – something I dreaded for years. Yet it has been nothing short of effortless. 

 All the anger, for example, that was present in my youngest son has melted away and revealed the cheeky affectionate boy that he is at heart (and that I was missing!). There is a lot more balance and harmony in our household nowadays!

 Alison was also the person who introduced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to me years ago (I’d never heard of it before then), and it’s something I love in the sessions I have with Alison. So much so that I now use tapping as a tool at home daily (often twice daily!) to support me.

 I feel SO grateful to have been guided to Alison and to have had her in our lives. I can’t recommend her enough.

-Vanessa Teklenburg