Intuitive Readings 

An Intuitive reading is a beautiful way to receive messages of love, guidance and wisdom from either a loved one in spirit, Your Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide or from your own Higher Self.


Alison provides two types of intuitive Readings available either in her clinic or via Skype or Phone.


1. A Mediumship reading

This is when Alison connects in to a loved one, who has passed over to the Spirit world. These readings are purely to help bring forth messages of love, comfort, support and healing, from a loved one in spirit.

Alison is a highly intuitive Psychic Medium, who’s gifts really awakened 8 years ago, after her own father passed away. Six months after his passing, Alison’s father appeared to her one morning, while she was in her garden and started to communicate with her. Alison realised very quickly that he was just as thrilled and excited, that she could hear, see and feel him, as she was to hear from him!

Soon after, Alison started to receive many Kinesiology clients who very quickly mentioned they were still grieving the loss of a loved one. She quickly realised that her client was accompanied by their deceased loved one and very quickly was urged to deliver messages right there during the appointment. Much to her surprise and the surprise of her clients!

Over the last 8 years, Alison’s Kinesiology sessions have been used by the Spirit realm to deliver messages of love and healing. Over 80% of the clients that have been guided to see Alison for appointments, healing and Kinesiology, have been guided and orchestrated by a loved one in Spirit, they just don’t realise it at the time!

Their loved ones in Spirit, can see their daughter, son, mother, father, sister or brother is struggling in their life and want to help them feel better or ask for forgiveness or send love and guidance of some kind.

Over the years Alison has learned, she is just the “messenger” and that her own father and “Spirit team” work hard behind the scenes to bring people to her that they know Alison can help, with this kind of healing.



2. A Let Love Bloom Intuitive Soul reading

An intuitive Soul Reading is when Alison connects into a client’s “Higher Self”, Spirit Guides and Higher Beings, to bring forth wisdom and guidance to awaken, uplift, guide and support them, with any challenges or issues they may be having.

Alison’s unique ability to tune into her client’s energy field to identify pain points, health issues, emotional issues and trauma, from their past, childhood, or past lives, that need to be healed, dissolved or released.

Guidance is offered, to help you achieve as much optimal health, happiness, love, inner peace, abundance, success and wellbeing that you may be seeking. It is then partly up to you to implement the changes that are offered

An Intuitive Soul Reading will

1. Help identify and clear limiting beliefs, habits and self sabotaging patterns. (sometimes using Emotional Freedom Technique)

2. Unconscious vows and commitments that are no longer serving you for your highest good.

Eg: Vows to self sacrifice, poverty, lack and scarcity, being alone or staying small, are just some of the vows, Alison can work with you to cancel, dissolve and release

3. Then rewrite and affirm new conscious vows that will serve you in a more positive way, so you can achieve, create or manifest the things you say you want.

4. Clear any energy vampires or negative energies from your energy field

5. You will receive written notes, guidance and steps to start implementing in your life now.

6. Leave you feeling Aligned, Up Graded, Empowered and Confident energetically so you can easily manifest and receive a life that Blooms

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