Essential Oils

Doterra Essential Oils are just one of the vibrational medicine and natural healing products that I use, to help support the overall health and wellbeing of my clients.

They are a very high quality, therapeutic grade essential oil, which can be used to heal and treat many physical, emotional and spiritual health issues and imbalances.

During a Kinesiology appointment, I will often use muscle testing to identify which essential oils my client may need to help support their healing journey.


I also use a high tech “Itovi Scanner” (which you will just hold in your hand), to quickly and efficiently, identify the top priority essential oils, your body is needing, to help heal and restore any physical, emotional and energetic issues you are having.

This Itovi scan, also helps me to detect the underlying cause, of my client’s health issues, depending on what essential oils shows up.

For example, if some anti-bacterial or anti-viral oils show up, then I can use this information during the Kinesiology treatment, to look for viruses or pathogens that are affecting a client’s health. Recommendations will then be made to include these essential oils as part of the treatment plan.

You will also receive the detailed Itovi scan report, by email, listing the essential oils that showed up.

Using both Kinesiology and the Itovi scanner, is a brilliant way to empower my clients to feel like they can take back control of their health and wellbeing, by using natural and highly therapeutic products

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Essential oils can be used

1. Aromatically

By diffusing them, gentle breathing them in straight from the bottle or diluting them with coconut oil and rubbing a few drops together in your hands.

Diffusing essential oils aromatically is beneficial for affecting mood, killing airborne pathogens and clearing the energy in a room. Diffusing can be very soothing, calming or uplifting for the home, office or any other space.

E.g: Diffusing a few drops of Lavender at bed time will help support a peaceful night’s sleep. Or diffusing Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, when you have a blocked nose or cough, will help symptoms ease, clear and support your immune system.


Essential oils are fantastic when applied topically to the skin, especially mixed with a little coconut oil. They are easily absorbed through the skin and enter the blood stream to help with any muscular or physical health issues.

E.g: to relief stomach upsets or digestive issues, rubbing a drop or two of peppermint or ginger oil on your stomach, can quickly and easily sooth and relieve symptoms.

3. Internally:

Just as plants are eaten fresh, dried for herbs, used to make tea infusions, enhance flavour in cooking, taken internally for therapeutic benefits, essential oils can be taken internally for the same uses.

Essential oils are fat soluble, so they are readily delivered to all organs in the body, including the brain. Internal use of essential oils is the most potent method of use but must be only taken under strict guidance and Doterra recommended ONLY protocol.

4. Beauty and home products

Essential Oils are also a wonderful way to make natural skin care products, cleaning products, soaps, bath salts and so much more Especially for children or adults with chemical sensitivities and want to reduce the chemicals in their home.