My Story


At age 30 Alison, a fit energetic and healthy wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls, started to experience a gradual but steady decline in her health. Ever increasing fatigue, “fuzzy head”, digestive problems, food sensitivities, chronic back and neck pain took over her whole life. No doctor was able to help and all blood tests showed up normal. She had brain scans and tests, but she was told there was nothing wrong.

For 5 years she struggled to cope with her silent illness. From the outside she looked fine, but inside she felt like she was being poisoned. The only thing Alison new that could be contributing to her illness was her long time mental, emotional and physical exhaustion due to living her life way out of balance. Caring for someone with alcohol and drug problems, raising her daughters, many years of broken sleep, nurturing her family and losing her joy and happiness finally took their toll.

Alison struggled to find solutions to her declining health when she finally figured out what was wrong with her – chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia AND– a 15 year chronic case of SELF SACRIFICE, BLOCKED EMOTIONS AND PEOPLE PLEASING

Since then Alison has been on an amazing journey back to health and happiness. Kinesiology and energy healing balanced out her chronically blocked and out of balanced body, which has brought about incredible changes to her body, mind and spirit. Alison obtained her own Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology and started her own practice called Bloom Kinesiology. She has also developed her intuitive gifts and connection to spirit, angels and loved ones in spirit, especially since her own father appeared to her in the garden one day, 6 months after his passing. This amazing experience has opened up her own abilities to mediumship and is now a big part of her healing tool kit.