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My name is Alison Filihia and I am a Holistic Kinesiologist, Clairvoyant and Medium located on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW . As a Kinesiologist, my job is to be a detective and discover the root cause and core.png



Receive Weekly Oracle Cards

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I would love to gift you my own meditation

A simple, but powerful meditation you can use daily, to activate more energy, lightness, magic and miracles.

Are you a lot more comfortable with giving than receiving? Always giving of your time, your heart, your energy and life to others and often feel selfish or guilty, receiving love, help and support back. Maybe you are the helper, fixer and rescuer in your family and will do anything to make people feel better or less stressed. These are beautiful qualities to have, but can often get out of balance, leaving us to feel depleted us, tired, overwhelmed and burnt out. You may even be experiencing other health and emotional issues as well. This is the mind, body, spirit connection and your being ‘shaken to be awakened’.

It’s time to learn how to balance your giving and receiving, so you can restore your health, happiness, thrive and bloom too!

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Every Tuesday I would love you to join me to Tune In and talk about amazing topics to help you start to connect and bloom!

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Is your people pleasing or need to ‘help fix and rescue’ others
way out of balance?

Download my
Self Care Recovery Guide
for Earth Angels

I would love to gift you my Self Care Recovery Guide for Earth Angels.

This guide is a daily list of tools and tips for an Earth Angel.
You will learn:

  • What is an Earth Angel?

  • The top 5 things an awakening Earth Angel need to be mindful of.

  • Full page Recovery Guide of essential self care tools and tips to help you stop feeling selfish and guilty and feel more free to value your own time, energy, heart, life and happiness too!


I can’t wait to meet you

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